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To support leaders, creatives and change makers to implement profound systems innovation and change.


We co-create and innovate

with organizations from all sectors.

In his current work, Otto and his colleagues apply the U-process of presencing to three main areas: Leadership Development, Profound Innovation and Coaching.

Leadership Development
With his colleagues Otto has co-created numerous presence-based leadership programs. These programs help leaders to lead profound innovation and change in the context of rapidly changing environments by building their personal capacity to sense and seize emerging future opportunities. The outcomes of these programs include:
  • Heightened power of presence, clarity of focus, and level of energy
  • Significantly changed leadership behaviors and practices
  • Breakthrough business results
  • A field of high-trust relationships across organizational boundaries

Profound Innovation
Current applications of the U-process for leading profound innovation include companies like Eileen Fisher or multi-stakeholder systems innovation. For example, we facilitated innovations by a regional network of German physicians to produce a higher quality and lower cost emergency service in their region by linking all of the key players across institutional boundaries. Other projects focus on in-company applications of the U-process for six-month global deep-dive and fast-cycle prototyping conducted by diverse small teams.
Otto’s current coaching work focuses on leaders in NGO and civil society organizations and on leaders in business organizations. The U-process of presencing is used in two ways: as a tool for thinking about the institutional and individual challenges that leaders face on all levels (individual, group, institution, system) and as a tool for structuring the coaching process as it evolves.

Presencing as an approach

to Leadership and Innovation

Focusing on seven cornerstones:

01. Action learning

dealing with the strategic challenges of the organization

06. A high-trust context

to enable powerful peer coaching sessions and processes

06. Methods and tools for prototyping

and leading profound innovation and change

02. Total-immersion deep-dive journeys

to explore contexts that matter

03. Creative-art-based practice fields

for developing new skills in safe environments

04. Practice tools and techniques

for producing generative dialogue and deep listening

05. Presencing practices

for connecting with the source of one’s best future Self



Sustainable Food Lab

As a case study, the Sustainable Food Lab provides evidence to support a theory of change, that is based on multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnership. Otto Scharmer refers to the pivotal role of the Presencing part of the U-Process.

Global Wellbeing and GNH Lab

The Global Wellbeing and Gross National Happiness Lab is a collaborative exploration of innovative ways that enable a shift of the global economy from “ego”- centric to “eco”-focused development.

Building Systems Leadership Capabilities with UNDP

The Presencing Institute has been partnering with the United Nations Development Program to build and sustain architectures of learning and connection for the cultivation of transformation literacy and action confidence within the UN system and beyond, aimed at building capabilities for awareness-based collective action.

Organizational Transformation

Otto Scharmer has been collaborating with Eileen Fisher on Leadership and the personal dimension of organizational change. key goal was on how to develop management skills through physical awareness.